Middle East Load Board gives you access to the largest spot freight marketplace in the industry. When you start using our Load Board, you are able to post loads with more visibility than with any other load board services, and search for more freight and carriers that meet your location and time requirements. 

There is an option to place offers(Carriers/Truckers).Shippers and Brokers/Dealers can see the quotes and can respond by accepting or placing counters

Billing will be done the next day after the 30th day of completion. An option to choose auto-pay or manually. How to post loads ? (Shipper/Broker/Dealer) Need an active account to post loads. – Click on Post Load. – Select date for pickup. – Select date for delivery. (optional) – Search pickup and delivery location. – Select carrier type. – Select weight and length. (optional) – Add more details on the comment box like commodity, special instructions handling freight. (Optional) – Click on post. You are all set. 
(Carrier) – Click on Search Loads. – Select pick up location and add distance. – Select delivery location and add distance. (optional) – Select carrier type. – Select weight and length. (optional) – Select pickup date. (either select the same dates or days in between. – Click on search load. You are all good.

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